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July 15th, 2010

Guardian blogs: Love trumps loss when it comes to the conservation message. Ed Gillepsie’s blogpost touches on an issue close to my heart.¬†We’d all be overjoyed if we destroyed rubbish heaps or the common cold. Why should we care then about destroying the environment? Environmental writers tell us what we’re destroying, but rarely argue for why it’s worth preserving. Yet most of us gain immeasurable joy from the natural world, even if it’s only picnicking in a city park. Ed argues we need to talk about what humanity could lose rather than just mourning its loss.

The Washington Post: NASA eyeballs glacial melt in Greenland. More on the Jakobsahvn Isbrae glacier, which last week lost a chunk of ice an eighth the size of Manhattan.

The Guardian: Last six months second driest in the UK in 96 years, say scientists. ’nuff said.

EurekAlert: Footloose glaciers crack up. When glaciers that rest on the sea floor ‘lose their grip’ and begin to float in the ocean, they behave erratically, a recent study has found. The study was press released by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and is on EurekAlert.

Sydney Morning Herald: Prince attacks climate change sceptics. Prince Charles has blasted climate sceptics, according to – funnily enough – an Australian newspaper.

University of Bristol: Honorary degrees awarded. Only included because Professor Paul Valdes is the orator for the ceremony and he’s really good looking.

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